Bruce Campbell

I spent the first half of my career as a small business owner. Then I spent 18 years as a public school teacher teaching computer classes. I served 21 years as a precinct chair in the Harris County Republican Party in Texas. I have also been involved in Fort Bend County and Gillespie County Republican Parties and currently serve as Vice Chair of the latter. I also served three terms on the Republican Party of Texas State Executive Committee representing Senate District 17.
My first serious memory of politics was in the 8th grade. It was the presidential election year 1968. My government teacher, Mr. Byers, listed what the three candidates stood for on the blackboard. After reading them, I decided I was a Republican. I no longer remember what he listed, but I knew the list under Republican sounded like my family. In reality, some of my family were Democrats and some Republicans, but to me, they all believed in the list under “Republican”.
That same year, my parents had me listen to a recording that really changed my life. It was a pivotal moment for me. I was 13. The speaker was speaking to a Junior Achievement group about Free Enterprise and America and the attitude that you can accomplish anything in this country if you will but try. He stressed how important it was to lift others up and to encourage others because maybe no one else would. In the last 50+ years, I have gone back and listened to it a thousand times as it is just as valid a topic today as it was back then. I encourage you to listen to the same speech here. It is entitled, “Selling America”.


(BTW, I am NOT the actor.)