“Voter fraud is like a turtle on a fence post. You know it didn’t get there on its own, but you can’t prove who put it there.” – Bill Borden (Former Chairman, Harris County Republican Party Ballot Security Committee)

I always gave a speech to my students at the beginning of the year about cheating and how I did not tolerate cheating. I told them I catch cheaters and I give them a zero. I told them to resist the temptation. They still tried it and I caught them. Cheating is not fair to those who are following the rules. They would at first deny it, then when I showed my evidence, they would confess. I talked to them about how I could no longer trust them and how when you ruin your reputation, it is hard to get it back. I made them write an apology. I called their parents.

Cheating is tolerated much more today than it was when I was a student. It was a shameful thing back then, but now students high-five each other when cheating. If society tolerates cheating, it will become the norm.

In 2020, the election had a lot of warning signs that look like cheating. If the election is decided and later revealed to be stolen, there will be nothing one can do, because once someone is sworn in, you cannot unswear them in. It must be determined what happened and questions answered so the losing side will accept that there was no cheating.

UPDATE: View the “2000 Mules” movie below.

Marl Levin brings up important Constitutional issues in this clip from his show. (12/06/20)


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2000 Mules