In the 2016 Primary, I was a Ted Cruz supporter. I was skeptical about Donald Trump. I voted for him over Hillary because that was an easy choice, but I did not have a sign in my yard or a sticker on my car which is rare for me. I was afraid he would govern as a Democrat. He turned out to be conservative overall. Not as conservative as Ronald Reagan, but conservative.

My view – In a town full of corruption and money deals with big business, big media, and foreign governments,  Trump was like a bull in their China shop. He was messing with big-money deals that both Democrats and Republicans had and have going. Calls of being a dictator, racist, hate monger, were things Democrats always say about Republicans and I dismissed those. The facts did not reveal any of that. Could Trump have benefitted from keeping quiet sometimes? Yes, absolutely. The opposite would be what the media did to George W. Bush. He did not fight back and the media drove his image to one of a stupid child. That’s what they do. Trump fought back. The “hate” was all on the left.

In the 2020 election, I had a Trump sign and flag in the yard and a sticker on the car. I saw more Trump flags and signs than I have seen for any candidate in my memory.

Big Media and Big Tech chose to work for the left in the 2020 election and I believe their effort was successful. Was it legal? Time will tell. Was there voter fraud? If you wanted to set up a situation and make it look like you were trying to steal an election, you would do what was done in this election. The last-minute rule changes in Democrat states, unsecured mail ballots by the hundreds of thousands, lack of permitted oversight, foreign counting of votes, and a belief that the ends justify the means. If the voting really was fraudulent, then our democracy ended with this election and our elections are now no better than third-world elections where the dictator always wins no matter what.

Trump Card – The Movie

Donald J. Trump, U.S. President 2017-
Farewell Address

Ronald Reagan, U.S. President 1981-1989
Farewell Address