Climate Change

When “Global Warming” first came on the scene, I changed my electric company to one that sourced its power from wind, water, and solar. It was the most expensive electricity rate. When the debate about whether CO2 was causing warming came along, I decided to find out for myself so I watched hours and hours of talks by scientists on both sides of the debate on the internet. Yes, there are scientists on both sides. It’s getting harder and harder to find both sides because of internet censorship and the cancel culture.

This is what I found. The ONLY real science comes from ice core samples from Greenland that show a relationship between CO2 and the Earth’s temperature that go back hundreds of thousands of years. It is the science Al Gore used in his movie. In that movie, Gore says there is a problem with the data but he never says what it is. The problem is this, the data shows that the Earth always warmed first followed by a rise in CO2 a few hundred years later as a result of the warming. Never did CO2 go up first and then the Earth heats up. The relationship is the opposite of that that they would like you to believe. Why the deception? Is it a problem or not? Why say the Earth will end in 12 years?

It’s really about money and control. They need to “scare” you into doing what they want. The proposed “answer” to the warming problem is to institute a carbon tax. Those that produce too much carbon would pay a tax and then those that produce less than the legal limit would get some free money. All those transactions would be handled by people who would profit from the exchange. It would not affect the climate but you might feel better about it and they would be wealthier for it. Those getting some carbon checks would certainly continue to vote for those who made it happen. The government would control the energy industry, both electricity, and fossil fuels. (See Venezuela)

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