I have been looking at videos on the future of energy, pros, and cons. As I find new information I will add it here. There are two different conversations about energy and your home. One conversation is about the best way to power the grid; coal, gas, nuclear, wind, water, solar. The other concerns how to power your house if the grid goes down, or you want to be off the grid, or a solar or military EMP takes out the grid for a long time. I will be looking at both topics.

UPDATE: Dec 2021 – We installed a Solar System with backup batteries. It was expensive and will not pay for itself in our lifetimes. We did it for peace of mind, like having insurance. Last February the Texas grid was moments from going down for months. We ended up without power for only 5 days but that was awful. It was 3 degrees outside and it got to 38 degrees in the house. If the grid goes out, we will be able to have power off-grid.



After the power failures of the Texas Freeze, I started looking for ways to protect myself in the future and the economics of it. I watch a lot. Here are some good ones.