My COVID-19 Anecdotal Story


The following is simply my experience and opinion and nothing more is implied.

When Covid came out I remember thinking I’ll hang out for a year and get a vaccine. Then it became political. Democrats made Covid a political tool to attack Trump, and it worked for them. Democrats like Biden and Harris said they would not get a vaccine if Trump was President. I was ready to get a vaccine, but then I started to watch videos of people who had the vaccine and had bad results. I saw a lot of them and videos of doctors who were worried about the long-term effects of the vaccine with such a short time of development. Most of my family got a vaccine. I did not. I waited to see what was going to happen to people who got it.

I started to hear about another vaccine called Novavax which was a traditional vaccine without the problems that come from the spike protein created by the mRNA vaccines. I thought I might wait for that. Unfortunately, that vaccine did not come out in time and I got COVID on July 10, 2021.

I wish I had been ready for it. I wish I had this protocol for home treatment (updated link) in advance. I guess I thought I would not get it since I had avoided it for a year and a half. The Delta variant is much more contagious and it found me after a trip to a big city.

Here is how the disease went for me.

DAY 1 – On Saturday, July 10, I had a fever and a cough. I took standard OTC remedies I would take for the flu. I took 10000 IU of Vitamin D, 1000 mg of Vit C, Zinc, and Quercitin in addition to other food supplements I take all the time.

DAY 2 – On Sunday I took a home COVID test we got at HEB from Abbott Labs. It showed positive for COVID. I went online to America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) and signed up for a tele-med appointment.

DAY 3 – On Monday morning I called my own doctor and told the office I had Covid and what could they do to treat me. They said they did not treat COVID but to call back if it got really bad and I needed to go to the hospital.

I ordered Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and a Z-Pack (Azithromycin) after my teled-med appointment with a AFLDS doctor.

DAY 6 – I received my shipment of HCQ and Z-pack from an out-of-town pharmacy in Texas. I already had Zinc which HCQ helps to get into your cells to protect them from viruses (according to doctors). It is important to note here that I learned from watching videos of doctors who treated COVID patients that the Covid virus spends the first five days in the back of your throat replicating itself and these 5 days are critical. Those are the 5 days I should have been taking HCQ and Zinc and a Z-pack to STOP the replication of the virus! I should have had this in my cabinet, just in case, ready to use. My virus had 5 days to grow. I had, however, been taking 10000 IU of Vit D after I had watched a video of a doctor saying if you took Vit D, you would not get the cytokine storm. That probably helped.

Day 7-11 – Kept taking my HCQ, z-pack, and Zinc plus other food supplements. Fever stayed between 100.5 and 101.5. Lost taste, appetite, and developed shortness of breath. We had an oximeter and my oxygen at times got to 90. I lost 11 lbs or so. I could not sleep. I sat up in a chair all night long which seemed to last forever. I had anxiety. If I fell asleep, I would wake up in a few minutes thinking I could not breathe.

I watched a lot of videos from doctors online about Covid. There was a lot of information about Ivermectin and how it was showing promise against Covid. My sister found a source in another town for a tele-med conference for getting Ivermectin. I got a prescription for Ivermectin.

Day 12 – I went to my doctor. I was at a low point. I was worn out. He examed me in my car and said my lungs sounded OK. He said if it was Day 10 or sooner I could have gotten monoclonal antibodies. I reminded him I had called his office and they just said call back if it got bad. They never mentioned monoclonal antibodies. He just made a face and had no comment.

My Ivermectin came in at a local pharmacy and I took it on the evening of day 12.

Day 12 night – Day 13 – I slept all night for the first time and my fever broke. I felt a lot better. It was a much better day.

Day 14-19 I got better every day and my fever finally went away.

Day 20 – I felt 100% and I went out and mowed the yard. I was over it. (and the yard really needed it!)

I think Ivermectin was a game-changer for me. No scientific proof, just my experience.

I do not like the choice that I was given; take a potentially dangerous experimental vaccine that had more adverse reaction reports than all other vaccines over the last 30 years put together, or potentially face a disease that could kill you, even though over 99% in your age group had survived. It was like having a choice of Russian Roulette with a bullet in one of 100 chambers or one of even more chambers. I did not want to play that game.

COVID 19 is a horrible disease that you do not want. If I had known before what I know now I would have taken Ivermectin once a week as a prophylactic (which many doctors have recommended). A lot of people are doing that. Some countries are giving it to their citizens for free.

According to some studies and doctors, those like me who have had full COVID have less than 1% chance of ever having the same variant again. It is a one-and-done virus. Yet the government and private companies are trying to force me to take a vaccine that would add no additional benefit, only a chance of harm. I do not choose to do so. My current immune protection is better than any vaccine. (updated link)

I cannot advise anyone about the vaccine. I can only tell you my thought process. You are free to make up your own mind. With or without a vaccine you might get Covid. If so, I suggest you check out that protocol for home treatment. (updated link)

Good luck and stay safe.

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