You Need To Be Ready To Protect Yourself

better safe than sorry

In the last 10 months, I have watched hours and hours of videos by doctors and scientists whose knowledge and opinions are not reported by media sources. Early on these people were worried about vaccinating during a pandemic. They said it would give the virus opportunities to mutate by infecting those at a time between their first shot and when they would be fully protected which is several weeks after the second shot. (The same sort of fear of creating a super-bug from overusing antibiotics for bacteria.) They said that because the vaccine was made from one part of one spike protein, vaccinated people would be in trouble if the virus mutates away from that one spike protein used to make the vaccine. It all has to do with your immune system. Your innate immune system, when it sees a virus for the first time, sends out antibodies of different types looking for what works best. When it finds what works best, it makes a bunch of them which defeat the virus. It keeps a memory of how it defeats viruses in case it sees them again.

When you get a vaccine, you train your immune system to fight the single spike protein they used to make the vaccine. When you are exposed to a variant or mutation like the Delta variant, your immune system sends out the antibodies for the original virus which may not be lethal enough to defeat the virus. Your innate immune system is now blocked by the knowledge from the vaccine and cannot respond.

Those doctors said that vaccinated people, whose immune system may be sending out some non-lethal antibodies, may need to turn to treatment to defeat the disease if they have a difficult time with it. Treatment is currently being discouraged by the media and many doctors are afraid of treating patients for fear of being canceled or sued. These doctors and scientists were worried that vaccinated people would start dying from the virus.

You need to be prepared to treat yourself if needed at home. Here is the current treatment protocol for at-home treatment. Home Treatment Protocol

According to many doctors, those who have had the disease are fully protected and cannot get it a second time. Their immune system saw the whole virus and all the spike proteins and can fight off all variants. I hope they are correct.


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