Rebuttal to the NYT


This post involves my opinion on an article in the NYT. (If that is still allowed)

In his article, David Leonhardt makes the case that Trump should be impeached and barred from holding future office. He lists the following reasons. See if you agree based on what you know to be the truth.

He says, Trump;

  • “rejects basic foundations of American government that other presidents, from both parties, have accepted for decades.”
  • “has tried to reverse an election result and remain in power by persuading local officials to commit fraud.”
  • “incited a mob that attacked the Capitol — and killed a police officer — while Congress was meeting to certify the result. Afterward, Trump praised the rioters.”
  • “has previously rejected the legitimacy of election results and encouraged his supporters to commit violence.”
  • “has tried to undermine Americans’ confidence in the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the military, Justice Department prosecutors, federal judges, the Congressional Budget Office, government scientists, government health officials and more.”
  • “seems to believe a president should be able to do whatever he wants. He does not appear to believe in the system of the government that the Constitution prescribes — a democratic republic.”
  • “remains popular with many Republican voters, and the Electoral College currently gives a big advantage to Republicans. If he is not disqualified from future office, Trump could dominate the Republican Party and shape American politics for the next four years.”

The far left will probably agree with all of this because they WANT it to be true. If they only watch CNN or MSNBC or read the NYT, it may be the only “truth” they know, and they refuse to see any other facts if it does not agree with this narrative.

My first reaction is it about makes my head explode with what I believe has been B.S. fake news used to turn the herd against Trump for over four years.

If he had said Trump was a narcissistic blowhard, I would mostly agree as I think that proved to be his biggest liability, but that is not a crime and a lot of politicians suffer from it. But he did not claim that in this article.

So, let’s go through his list.

“rejects basic foundations” – Like what? Where is the list? Obama said he did not have the power to make a DACA deal because it was unconstitutional, but he did anyway by executive order. Trump rescinded the executive order saying it was unconstitutional. Liberal judges stopped him saying he did not have the authority to rescind Obama’s order. Not true. That is the nature of an executive order. I think this means he would not go along with the “swamp” and all their lobbyist, and foreign deals which the NYT considers the “foundations of American government”.

“has tried to reverse an election result” – isn’t that what the Democrats did for four years? If you investigate what hundreds of individuals said in sworn affidavits as to election fraud, in 2020, they claimed to witness, is that itself election fraud? If you ask an election official if they believe there are potentially enough fraudulent votes to turn an election, is that election fraud? If you investigate a bank robbery, is the investigation itself bank robbery?

“incited a mob that attacked the Capitol” – Here is a quote from what he actually said, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard…We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women.” According to the left, those were instructions to attack as a mob.

“has previously rejected the legitimacy of election results” – He said Bernie Sanders was robbed by Clinton because Clinton made deals with some delegates. Sanders said the same thing. They have not accused Sanders of anything. Clinton wrote a book saying she was robbed based on the now-debunked Russian collusion hoax which she paid for. They have not accused her of any wrongdoing.

“has tried to undermine Americans’ confidence in the F.B.I., the C.I.A” – those organizations it turns out lied about events in the “Russian Collusion” investigation. They undermined themselves.

“He does not appear to believe in the system of the government that the Constitution prescribes” – like what? Have a list? I think this comes down to if you believe the Constitution as it was written or if you believe it can be interpreted any way you want. The left believes the latter and if you don’t believe their view, you are wrong.

“remains popular with many Republican voters” – The real reason. They want to eliminate all opposition in the future. Conservative views are now censored on platforms, Conservatives fired from their jobs, political donations to Republicans frozen, Conservative “hit” lists published online, in newspapers, and in the media.

I think what you are seeing is sort of a “Kristallnacht” of conservatives. Will this end up as a fascist takeover by the left of the U.S.? I hope not.

I hope reasonable people on the left are brave enough to step up and stop the takeover.

If it is a takeover, look for:

  • the Democrats to end the Senate filibuster.
  • the Democrats to make DC and Puerto Rico states.
  • the Democrats to pack the Supreme Court with more justices.
  • the Democrats to stop the special prosecutor investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged foreign influence-peddling deals.
  • the Democrats to prosecute Republicans for taking a stand against voter fraud.
  • the quashing of investigations of hundreds of affidavits of fraud in the 2020 election.

It probably depends on if you make your voice heard by elected officials and if you are then punished for giving your view.

Pray for peace and truth and for honesty to show themselves. (while you still can)

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