Equality vs Equity or a Ruse?

Dont get in the van

Equity is the new push for the socialist left. Basically, without saying it, they want to punish white people for being white by giving extra everything to people who aren’t white to make up for what they call “white privilege”. Has there been discrimination in the past against groups of people? Yes. Is creating more discrimination or an alternate privilege today the answer? No. The country was founded on the idea of equality of opportunity, not results. The Irish were not treated well. Should their descendants get something extra? No.

Are there examples where equal opportunity works? Yes, all over the place. Colin Kaepernick has already made more money than I will ever make. We had a multi-racial President and we have a multi-racial Vice President. My grandmother grew up as a sometimes share-cropper. My grandfather left home on horseback when he was 14 and rode across Texas and found work on a ranch. Most professional athletes are non-white. They make millions. The answer is to continue to make equal opportunities available for everyone.

But the left does not really want this because the whole equity argument is a ruse.

What they want is power. Power to control people. They want to eliminate those who they think will keep them from getting that power. They need a reason for people to give them the power and not others.

  • We will make you the new “privilege class”. Give us the power.
  • You’re not going to have healthcare. Give us the power.
  • We will educate your kids for free. Give us the power.
  • Climate will destroy the planet in 12 years. Give us the power.
  • We will take care of you forever. Give us the power.
  • “…this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal …” Give us the power.

If you look at history, who has done this before? Communists.

The Four Steps to Communism Taking Over a Country
1) Demoralization, (15-20 years time frame) The goal and purpose is to make a country immoral so they cannot recognize or believe in truth when it is presented to them

2) Destabilization, (2-5 years time frame) To create conditions where the tipping points for degrading society occur

3) Crisis, Take advantage of destabilization situations to seize power (“never let a crisis go to waste”)

4) Normalization, Success is achieved by taking control of the governing power/authority and ushering in a reset of the structure of governance.

They are like the bad people in a van luring little children into the van with candy and a unicorn. Do not get in the van with them because bad things will happen. Hopefully, it is not too late already.

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