The Ends Never Justify The Means

Prison Camp

The left has adopted the belief that the ends justify the means. Changing election laws to allow cheating, canceling anyone who does not agree with them, ruining businesses that do not follow their narrative, changing rules to help them become more dictatorial. This is not a new strategy. Hugo Chavez did the same stuff after he was elected in Venezuela.

“Using record-high oil revenues of the 2000s, his government nationalized key industries, created participatory democratic Communal Councils, and implemented social programs known as the Bolivarian missions to expand access to food, housing, healthcare, and education. The high oil profits coinciding with the start of Chavez’s presidency resulted in temporary improvements in areas such as poverty, literacy, income equality, and quality of life between primarily 2003 and 2007, though extensive changes in structural inequalities did not occur. On 2 June 2010, Chávez declared an “economic war” on Venezuela’s upper classes due to shortages, arguably beginning the crisis in Venezuela. By the end of Chávez’s presidency in the early 2010s, economic actions performed by his government during the preceding decade, such as deficit spending and price controls, proved to be unsustainable, with Venezuela’s economy faltering. At the same time, poverty, inflation, and shortages increased.

Under Chávez, Venezuela experienced democratic backsliding, as he suppressed the press, manipulated electoral laws, and arrested and exiled government critics. His use of enabling acts and his government’s use of propaganda were controversial. Chávez’s presidency saw significant increases in the country’s murder rate and continued corruption within the police force and government.”

We are headed down that same path. There are two systems of justice. One for the left who are never guilty of anything and one for the right who are guilty even if they did nothing wrong. That part is like Chavez who, “arrested and exiled government critics”.

It’s all done to gain MORE POWER.

I do not believe all Democrats believe in these extreme policies. But like the left likes to say. If they keep silent, they are complicit. The left is hoping there is violence so they can justify putting all the opposition in prison camps or something similar. (see picture above of a China prison camp)

It’s time for those on the left who really do not approve of this to walk away publicly. #walkaway

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