Is This The End?

The End

“The American republic was founded on a set of beliefs that were tested during the Revolutionary War. Among them was the idea that all people are created equal, whether European, Native American, or African American, and that these people have fundamental rights, such as liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, due process of law, and freedom of assembly. America’s revolutionaries openly discussed these concepts. Many Americans agreed with them, but some found that the ideology was far more acceptable in the abstract than in practice.” (Library of Congress)

The Left is involved in an effort to end our form of government as defined by our Constitution and replace it with a tyrannical form of Marxism. They are using revolution and intimidation. In fact, it would fit the definition of sedition. “Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or insurrection against, established authority.” (Wikipedia)

You can follow what the Left is doing by what they say. Whatever they accuse their opposition of doing is in fact what they themselves are doing. The Left is involved in racism and insurrection, intimidation, and scare tactics to achieve their goals.

They are like the bad guys in an old western movie who start stampeding the cattle by firing their guns in the air. The town is being dominated by a bully who got rid of the good sheriff and has his hired guns to intimidate anyone who tries to oppose him. In the end, the shy townspeople grow a spine and defeat the bully usually with the help of the good guy who rides into town and leads them to victory.

Will the Right in this country come together to defeat the bully or will they argue amongst themselves and let the bully win because they are afraid to resist?

We are at that cliffhanger moment. What will happen next? How’s your spine looking?

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